Welcome to the IAHSS Testing Center
The IAHSS Testing Center is your access to the four certification exams offered to healthcare security and safety officers.  Here proctors as well as examinees will be able to not only take an exam but also, upon submission of the completed exam, receive immediate feedback. 
Here is how it works
You as a manager can simply go online and purchase exams and schedule them to fit your schedule.  If you want immediate access you can use a credit card or for those who need to use purchase orders we will authorize you as a facilitator/proctor when we receive your authorization.  All exams must be used within 60 days (sorry no refunds or credits).
No paper applications.
You simply add the names of the officers you want tested and issue them the password to enter the exam room.   Even if you only have one computer in your department, you can schedule exams when it is most convenient.
Easy to use.
You and your test takers will find the exam easy to use.  Even those with no previous computer experience can take the scheduled exam with the simple click of a computer mouse.  Unsure of an answer?  Just click the Skip button.  The computer will ask you at the end of the exam if you want to go back and answer any skipped questions or change any answers.
Immediate answers.
Once the test taker feels confident that the questions are answered as best they can, they click on Submit and the computer will immediately tell them if they have passed.  If not, it will give the test taker suggestions as to which Units to review for the next time they take it.  You as the exam proctor will also get the results.
Accessible anywhere and anytime.
Those doing group study and testing can schedule exams to be taken anywhere and at any time.  So even if the test taker needs to go back to their work at a remote environment you can delegate someone else to proctor the test.  Each exam is unique to the test taker using random question selection from a pool of questions developed from the appropriate manual.  Time limited, the program allows the test taker sufficient time to take the exam.
A Secure Server.
Like you we are most concerned that the system we use be as free from potential identity theft.  You and the user will be responsible for the entry of data into our secure site. 
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