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Advanced Certification

Certified Advanced  Healthcare Security Officer (CAHSO) Certification

IAHSS offers three levels of the progressive certification; this is for the Certified Advanced Healthcare Security Officer (CAHSO) Advanced level.

You may choose an option that includes both the course and the exam or purchase the course and exam individually.

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Advanced Course & Certification Exam


  • Combine the Course & Certification Exam in one package!
  • Includes eLearning Version 1.2 materials and the exam based on eLearning Version 1.2 materials.
  • Both the course and exam EXPIRE 1 year after purchase. Learn More
  • Bundle & Save $15!


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Advanced Course Only
  • Course only
  • Does not include Certification Exam.
  • Materials for eLearning Course Version 1.2.
  • To earn Advanced Certification, you will need to purchase the Certification Exam only at a later date.
  • The course EXPIRES 1 year after purchase. Learn More


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Advanced Certification Exam Only
  • Certification Exam only
  • Does not include any Course information.
  • Exam based on Version 1.2 materials.
  • If you haven't taken the course already, you may want to choose another option.
  • This exam EXPIRES 60 days after purchase. Learn More


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About Advanced Certification

The Advanced Certification course and exam are currently based on eLearning Course v 1.0.

Program Highlights

  • 7-8 hours to complete (on average)
  • Start & stop training on your schedule
  • 24/7 access to your online training
  • Certification valid for 5 years
  • Maintain your Advanced level or progress to Supervisor
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